The RDV line of chemical products for the oil industry guarantees the integrity of the materials used […]
The best use 0f RDV chemical technology is injection at the bottom of the well, it to […]
We are manufacturers of our own patented RDV technology for different applications in the oil industry.
RDV® Technology is not the result of conventional mixtures used by the oil industry in more than […]
RDV technology, What is?. Is not mixture of conventional chemicals, it’s based on the protonation reaction. Many […]
Off-shore field trial. With RDV technology the main objective was to control the organic deposition in the […]
With the use of RDV technology, it was possible to replace the use of hot oil in […]
With the use of RDV technology, the paraffin was integrated into the crude oil in C9-C10 carbon […]
Increased production from 240 barrels per day to 990 with RDV squeeze treatment and 50% less steam […]
Production increase of 355% due to viscosity reduction and fluid improvement.