Our mission is to manufacture and offer chemical solutions created based on our unique technologies and intellectual property for the treatment of problems in general industry.

RDV® Technology

Our chemical technology for the organic treatment of hydrocarbons offers among its mechanisms of action, to exert a non-exothermic chemical reaction, at the bottom of the producing wells, on the hydrocarbons that allows the permanent and irreversible rupture of the long carbon chains present.

They have a positive impact on other impurities such as H2S, CO2 and emulsion breakage, converting crude oil into a hydrocarbon improving its overall quality for refining.


GQ-Lube is a synergistic blend of chemicals and strong film-forming agents that provide extreme lubrication properties with superior corrosion inhibition capability. This technology allows treatment for diesel and oil upgrading.


Novel chemical technology, inorganic based, which, as an additive, allows the production of strong and corrosive acids, properly controlled to avoid accidents during handling. It is a balanced mixture in ions for industrial use. When GQ-300 is added to other strong acids, it controls them making them stable and allowing them to be equally active for the treatment of the target for an extended period of time. Its unlimited control capability of other strong and corrosive acids means that it always offers a problem-specific solution for different industries.

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The RDV line of chemical products for the oil industry guarantees the integrity of the materials used in the upstream […]
The best use 0f RDV chemical technology is injection at the bottom of the well, it to be converted into […]
We are manufacturers of our own patented RDV technology for different applications in the oil industry.

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Our objectives are: Protect, optimize and improve industrial activity


Corrosion inhibitor, prevents the formation and accumulation of bacteria.


Reduces viscosity, scales inhibitor, removes kerosene, removes asphaltene, water separator.


Emulsion breakers, water clarifiers, water clarifiers.


RDV technology is certified for use in the umbilical cord for deep sea wells..