To create and provide chemical solutions, through research and development that provide solutions to problems and to be a safe and reliable supplier for our customers.


To be recognized as an innovative company that has changed the paradigm of the chemical industry in terms of producing innovative products for use in the industry in general.

Globalquimica Partners Llc. is an allied company of Globalquimica International Inc. We are a petrochemical research/development technology company. Internationally recognized as innovative and award-winning for its innovative chemical contributions to the oil and gas industry, which are based on proprietary and unique technological platforms in the industry. We are manufacturers and suppliers of innovative chemical products, which include treatment to improve the quality of light, medium, heavy and extra-heavy oil, bituminous sands and improved recovery of crude oil from oilfields, especially in marginal or low production rate wells.

We also manufacture and offer to the market innovative lubricants for automotive equipment, oil well drilling and oil well fracturing, as well as corrosion inhibitors. On the other hand, with our innovative technological platform for the control of strong and corrosive acids, we also manufacture and offer to the market, products for the safe use of acids, in response to problems in the oil industry, agriculture, metallurgy, mining and industries in general. Globalquimica means in itself, a paradigm shift in the chemical industry by going completely out of the conventional thanks to our chemical technologies, which are inventive and with its due intellectual property.

We cover the requirements of customers in both North American (USA and Canada) and International markets from our production facilities located in Texas, USA.

David Martucci


William Jimenez

CEO / Co-founder