It is a liquid organic compound, designed for the treatment of heavy crude oil and oil sands.

RDV-01® is a liquid chemical compound designed for viscosity reduction by shortening the long carbon chains in heavy oil through a chemical reaction using downhole conditions. Resulting in permanent change of the original conventional crude oil into a crude oil with improved properties.

The product has been highly effective in enhanced oil recovery, when it is injected into the well, it is sufficiently displaced to the reservoir matrix and the well is left to soak and without operation for a period between 48 and 72 hours. This procedure will not only eliminate the film of organic deposits that obstruct the permeability inside the well, but will also remove the formation damage that affects the porosity due to deposits of organic impurities, thus improving the productivity index of the well, the decrease of viscosity and the improvement of flow. With continuous injections of crude treatment doses, after the well has been stimulated, it will allow obtaining a higher production rate, viscosity reduction and the elimination of organic deposits of paraffies and asphaltenes for a longer period of time before a re-stimulation.


  • Extra heavy oil wells < 12° API and Bitumen.
  • Continuous or batch downhole treatment.
  • Matrix stimulations and downhole soakings.
  • Continuous batch treatment operations.
  • Pipeline and refinery cleaning along the route.
  • Surface facilities and gathering systems.
  • Oil sands treatment.
  • Tank cleaning.

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