Technology for Control of Strong and Corrosive Acids

GQ – 300®

GQ-300®, is an inorganic additive elaborated from our chemical technology platform for the control of strong and corrosive acids. It is a novel additive that combines a balanced composition in ions that when added and homogenized with strong acids, such as hydrochloric (HCL), sulfuric (H2SO4), phosphoric (H3PO40) and hydrofluoric (HF) in variable proportions, controls them in such a way that makes them stable, reduces their emissions and allows their safe use, thus minimizing caustic risks permanently and maintaining the specific properties of the acids. Its unlimited controllability over strong acids allows their safe handling and incorporation and their use in the creation of new chemical formulations that was previously not possible due to caustic hazards in the handling of acids. GQ-300® cleans easily with water.

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