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The RDV line of chemical products for the oil industry guarantees the […]
The best use 0f RDV chemical technology is injection at the bottom […]
We are manufacturers of our own patented RDV technology for different applications […]
RDV® Technology is not the result of conventional mixtures used by the […]
RDV technology, What is?. Is not mixture of conventional chemicals, it’s based […]
Off-shore field trial. With RDV technology the main objective was to control […]
With the use of RDV technology, it was possible to replace the […]
With the use of RDV technology, the paraffin was integrated into the […]
Increased production from 240 barrels per day to 990 with RDV squeeze […]
Production increase of 355% due to viscosity reduction and fluid improvement.
RDV technology breaks the carbon chains of the oil, preventing them from […]
How does your well to become a cracking unit?
This case demonstrates that RDV’s patented technology increases stripper well production to […]
Novel chemical technology allows the cleaning of organic deposits that affect pore […]
With recovery technology, mature marginal wells are a golden opportunity. Writting by. […]
Writting by. William Jimenez. CEO Long before the political climate of the […]