Control of Strong and Corrosive Acids

GQ 300 has been used successfully down hole and at surface to cleanup scale either neat or controlling high concentration of HCL without damage to the metal or aluminum components it is cleaning

  • Down hole HCL controlled cleaning scale off casing and around perforations.
  • Heat exchangers at surface cleaning calcium scale buildup on aluminum fans and fins using GQ neat


  • As an effective acid additive for numerous types of scale and formations
  • Cleaning of pipe plugs and flow lines
  • Water treatment
  • Other uses are as a cleaner, rust remover and surface preparation for all types of coatings.


  • Multicomponent mixture of strong and weak acids.
  • Appears as a clear liquid free of sediment
  • Can be mixed with any strong acid of any concentration
  • 100% soluble in acids without separation
  • 100% soluble in water
  • Non-flammable
  • Flash point -230ºF
  • Freezing point <32ºF

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